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The Classy Giraffe- Glamping at Conestoga Ranch

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Momondo- The 22 Most Unique Hotels in the World

When 5-star luxury hotels or budget B&Bs just won’t cut it, staying at these bizarre hotels will help make a holiday to remember.



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KUTV- Conestoga Ranch Glamping Resort

(KUTV) Salt Lake City – Glamping has made its way to Utah at Bear Lake’s Conestoga Ranch. Today on Fresh Living, Kari took a trip to Conestoga Ranch to meet with Event Manager Shelly Fuller and check out all of its luxurious offerings, from upscale dining to a brand new spa. 

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The Most Luxurious Ways to Rough It in the Wild- Bob Vila

A weekend in the country can be rejuvenating, but the idea of roughing it, even for just a few nights, doesn’t appeal to everyone. Luckily, the glamping trend is still going strong. Resorts and campsites nationwide are creating luxurious rural accommodations 

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Class Pass – 5 Best Glamping Spots to Visit This Summer


By now, you’ve probably heard about the chic camping trend known as “glamping.” It is just as it sounds—a more glamorous way of camping. I mean, why stay in a grungy tent you bought from Costco when you can post up in a gorgeous, resort-style tent complete with amenities? It’s one high-end way to experience nature, that’s for sure.

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Mountain Express Magazine- Adventure Getaway – Experience Bear Lake

Local author and television personality, Krista Numbers explains, “We take an annual trip to sit in the sand, visit the Pickleville Theatre and hike in the Minnetonka Caves with our kids.”

Featuring a wide variety of glamping opportunities, the Conestoga Ranch remains a rustic place filled with romance, family fun, adventure and more. This year, packages include, Girls Getaway, Adventure and Wellness.”

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Recommend Magazine- Luxury Glamping Experiences

Summer is here, and that means many families might be planning a camping escapade. For those heading to Utah, suggest a more luxurious experience at one of Utah’s most popular glamping destinations—Conestoga Ranch.

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Recommend Magazine

5 Places to Watch the Total Solar Eclipse

July 19, 2017

From Nashville to Wyoming, we’ve found five of the best places to watch the August 21 total solar eclipse.

Nashville, TN
As one of the largest cities in the direct path of the eclipse, the Westin Nashville is pulling out all the stops to make sure its guests have the best viewing experience with everything from a Solar Eclipse 2017 package to a Solar Eclipse 2017 Watch Party at L27, Nashville’s highest rooftop bar.

Rates for the Solar Eclipse 2017 package start at $409 per night, and include a minimum 2-night stay, in-room breakfast for two off […]

Luxury Travel Magazine

Glamping Solar Eclipse Package at Utah’s Conestoga Ranch

June 21, 2017

Northern Utah’s luxury glamping destination, Conestoga Ranch, is rolling out the red carpet for the August 21 total solar eclipse. A one-night lodging package is available to help guests maximize the highly anticipated, rare occasion.

Conestoga Ranch’s location near the event horizon will allow guests to experience 80 percent eclipse totality.

All-inclusive rates start at $195 per person based on double occupancy. Guests may choose to lodge in a Conestoga wagon, Grand Tent with en-suite bathroom, or Traditional Tent. The resort provides multiple private bathrooms with showers for guests with accommodations other […]

KSL Video

Watch the KSL Glamping at Conestoga Ranch near Bear Lake video here.

Utah Bride Blog


The last several months of my own marriage have been filled with adventures and opportunities to fall in love all over again. After 18 years of marriage this has been a sweet reunion of sorts. One such adventure and weekend was spent up north in the Bear Lake region at Conestoga Ranch where “glamping” found us hardly leaving our tent! I knew that our fall/winter editorial shoot needed to also be at Conestoga and this feature will not disappoint! Intimate to say the least, a look at […]

CNN mentions Conestoga Ranch on top 10 places to Commune with Nature List

10 Hotels to Commune with Nature

May 16, 2017

Conestoga Ranch, Garden City, Utah: Life at this remote Utah ranch is centered around Bear Lake, where guests can stay in 19th-century style Conestoga wagons or glamping style tents.

(CNN)Hear the wind whisper through the pines while perched high in a fire tower in the Cheyenne Mountains, sway in a suspended sphere in the Canadian rainforest or relax in a solar-powered yurt in the Alaskan wilderness.

Now that spring is here, why .not skip the predictable four walls of a traditional hotel room and recharge at […]

Vintage Mixer Visits Conestoga Ranch

Conestoga Ranch at Bear Lake

Written by Becky

There’s so much of Utah I have yet to explore.  I’ve lived here for over 10 years, and this past weekend was my first trip up to Bear Lake.  We stayed at this fairytale like ranch called Conestoga Ranch, where camping basically becomes a luxurious event instead of sacrificial roughing it.  We all slept like babies, even with a very wiggly baby in my belly, and we were able to thoroughly enjoy the lake the following day.  No neck aches, or sleeplessness that are often associated with camping, just glorious […]


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.10.26 AM

Called the Caribbean of the Rockies, Bear Lake has a striking turquoise-blue hue produced by light reflecting off limestone particles suspended in the deep water.

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Special Events

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.06.05 AM

Conestoga Ranch, a high-end glamping resort in Garden City, Utah, is at work to become Bear Lake’s premiere destination for weddings, corporate retreats and a variety of other private events.

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Resting on the edge of Bear Lake, “the Caribbean of the Rockies,” the luxurious Conestoga Ranch lies on 18 private acres in Garden City with beautiful views over the tranquil waters of the lake. This contemporary tented camp offers an array of comfortable accommodation in the form of Grand and Traditional camping tents and Conestoga Wagons, all of which are arranged with comfy furnishings and boast beautiful lake views.

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Chicago Tribune

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.57.23 AM

Families looking for a nontraditional camping adventure might consider glamping at Conestoga Ranch in Bear Lake, Utah, near the Idaho and Wyoming borders. As its name suggests, one of the ranch’s sleeping options is in Conestoga wagons — a more luxurious version of those used by the early pioneers.

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Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.55.24 AM

Il trend del 2016: glamping, il camping si fa glamour

L’ultima volta che andai in campeggio fu… t e r r i f i c a n t e…

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Travel Supermarket

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.50.32 AM

9 of the world’s most unusual places to spend the night

Hotels can all look the same after a while. For a getaway with a difference, why not bed down in a boot-shaped hotel or sleep in a capsule secured to the side of a cliff?
Trust us – after reading about the following places, that luxury hotel will seem rather boring, writes Tamara Hinson…

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2News This Morning


Conestoga Ranch

(KUTV) Conestoga Ranch was with 2News, talking about some new, unique high-end camping you can do in Bear Lake….

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AFAR Magazine, 8/13/2015


Where to Enjoy One Final Adventure before Summer Ends

Summer’s not over yet. Make the most of the long days and warm weather by booking one final summer adventure. These five new hotels are the perfect places to channel your inner…

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Bride & Groom


New Venue! Conestoga Ranch At Bear Lake

Not since PB&J or June Carter and Johnny Cash has there been a better match than glamour + camping, aka glamping. Roughing it in style—think Pendleton blankets, pour-over…

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Cache Valley Daily


New “glamping” resort to open at Bear Lake

GARDEN CITY – Camping provides a way to get outdoors, escape the stresses and complexities of life and reconnect with nature, but it often involves giving up luxuries like a soft bed…

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City Home Collective


The Weekenders / Bear Lake

Ah, The Weekenders. It’s quickly become a favorite series of ours…made so, no doubt, by the simple fact that its publication necessitates that we jaunt about our stellar state in search of…

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City Weekly, 8/26/2015


Glamping Culinary Adventures

A new glamping (glamour camping) destination has opened at Bear Lake called Conestoga Ranch. The luxurious site is equipped with a full-service restaurant—Campfire Grill—and will…

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Family Vacation Critic


Utah to Open Glamping Resort

Utah’s Bear Lake will become the home of Conestoga Ranch, a luxurious ranch providing “glamping”-style accommodations and services…

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The Glamping Business: Conestoga Ranch

We sat down with one of the owners of the new glamping resort being built in Bear Lake, Utah. They gave us the in’s and out’s of what it is like to start up a new glamping site and the hype…

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18 Amazing Active Vacations You Can Actually Afford

Conestoga Ranch Bear Lake, UT The stunning turquoise waters of Bear Lake are rivaled only by the Caribbean seas. And on its shore sits this brand new ranch with luxury campsites for an…

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Comfort is key for new glamour-camping resort at Bear Lake

Tom Hendrick has come to enjoy delivering customers to their lodging at Conestoga Ranch. “It’s just great when you drive people up to their accommodations,” says the part-owner of Bear…

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Conestoga Ranch is Bringing Glamping To Utah’s Bear Lake

Utah’s Bear Lake has a new camping option that’s far from roughing it. The area’s first glamping resort to cater to families, couples and corporate retreats, will debut in Garden City, UT…

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5 Must-Go Glamping Spots For Families

If you’ve never been glamping before, here are the five spots you want to go. Conestoga Ranch Bear Lake opens up July 1 and you can sleep in conestoga wagons. Must. Go. Now…

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KSL News


Glamping at a New Bear Lake Resort

This is camping for people who don’t like to be in the dirt, and want to be on the glamorous side. Check out the Conestoga Ranch that opens on July 1st at Bear Lake…

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KSL News – Mike Anderson


New Resort to Bring Luxury Camping to Bear Lake

A new, upcoming resort near Bear Lake aims to put glamour into camping…

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KUTV Fresh Living


Conestoga Ranch

Camping doesn’t have to be rough. A new ranch at Bear Lake offers some high-end camping. Tom Hedges with Conestoga Ranch told us all about their Glamping (glamour camping)…

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Mountain Living, 9/2015


Conestoga Ranch: A New Glamping Resort

This new glamping resort offers high-end holidays beside the caribbean-blue waters of utah’s bear lake…

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Mountain Meetings, 5/28/2015


Glamping Offers Outdoor Adventures In Style

Glamping is here to stay, at least for the near future. It’s the “soft” way to camp for groups, with less grit and more glamour. Here are some great options in the Mountain West to consider…

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Mountain Meetings, Fall/Winter 2015


New Glamping Resort at Bear Lake

An upscale, comfort-camping experience is what Conestoga Ranch at Utah’s Bear Lake in Garden City is all about…

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Sleep in a Covered Wagon at Utah’s Conestoga Ranch

Meeting attendees will soon have the opportunity to sleep in a covered wagon at the Conestoga Ranch at Utah’s Bear Lake. When it debuts on July 1, the ranch will be the first glamping…

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Salt Lake City Weekly


Summer Glamp

Camping is really fun—until it’s not. Sleeping out under the stars is glorious—until you wake up with a sore back. Connecting with nature is wondrous—until you realize you and your…

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Your Summer Bucket List Been there, done that? We found more things you can humblebrag about.

Stay in a Covered Wagon Near the Wyoming border, A Conestoga awaits Glamping meets pioneer chic at Conestoga Ranch, a new family getaway set on 18 acres in Garden City, Utah…

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Standard Examiner, 7/13/2015


Glamping finds its niche in northern Utah

GARDEN CITY — Glamping resorts keep popping up around the nation, and Bear Lake is home to Utah’s latest ritzy resort found en plein air…

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The Morning Mix, 8/28/2015


Bear Lake Festivities

Concluding the hour, John and Peggy spoke with Julie Paine, Joie Astudillo and Hillary Reiter about festivities at Bear Lake for the next couple of weekends…

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The New York Times, 9/3/2015


Food and Tour News: California Grape Stomp, Caribbean Coral Dives

Utah’s Conestoga Ranch, a new glamping resort featuring Old West-style accommodations in wagons and tents, is offering a “Camping Culinary Adventure” on the second weekend of…

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The Spectrum, 7/24/2015


Many ways to enjoy Bear Lake

What’s better than camping out? Camping out and still being able to take a nice hot shower with all the aromatic amenities of a spa. The concept of “glamping” recently arrived in Bear…

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The Utah Review, 8/10/2015


Glamping and gourmet at Conestoga Ranch’s Campfire Grill

Garden City, UT, the gateway town to Bear Lake’s emerald blue water spanning the Idaho/Utah border is known for its world-famous raspberry shakes and…

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City Weekly, 9/9/2015


Luxury digs & dining at Conestoga Ranch’s Campfire Grill

I was recently introduced to glamping at Utah’s Conestoga Ranch, just a short jaunt from Bear Lake. If you’re not hip to the term—I wasn’t—”glamping” is glamour camping…

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June 28, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY– After a century of rating restaurants and destinations, Michelin, publishers of the iconic Michelin Guides for travelers, has awarded Utah the very first three-star designation for a state.

“Utah is a beautiful state, a destination worth making a special trip for American and international visitors, including the French who love it,” said Philippe Orain, Editorial Director of Le Guide Vert Michelin. “I am happy and glad to give this recognition for the high quality of service, the beauty of its world class landscapes, and the concentration of three Michelin Star […]


Conestoga Ranch Glamping Resort Offers Eclipse Glamping Package, Aug. 20-21
June 22, 2017

Northern Utah’s luxury glamping destination, Conestoga Ranch, is rolling out the red carpet for the August 21 total solar eclipse. A one-night lodging package is available to help guests maximize the highly anticipated, rare occasion. Conestoga Ranch’s location near the event horizon will allow guests to experience 80 percent eclipse totality.
All-inclusive rates start at $195 per person based on double occupancy. Guests may choose to lodge in a Conestoga wagon, Grand Tent with en-suite bathroom, or Traditional Tent. The resort provides multiple private […]

Utah Valley 360

Utah’s best summer staycations for families

When summer hits, many Utah families plan to get far away from home and their busy school-time schedules.

But instead of skipping the state, why not stay in Utah? Staycations are easier on your wallet, and Utah has some of the most beautiful, family-friendly destinations in the nation.

We hit the road and checked out a few local resorts in the most impressive parts of Utah’s backyard. Here are some favorite family-friendly spots:

Conestoga Ranch, Bear Lake

Conestoga Ranch features covered wagons and luxury tents for glampers. (Photo courtesy of Kim […]

Fox 13

Summer staycation ideas throughout Utah

MAY 24, 2017


Many Utah families plan to leave behind their homes and busy summer schedules, but why not stay in Utah? Staycations are easier on your wallet, and Utah has so many incredible places to experience. Kim Christenson from Utah Valley 360 and Talk Wordy to Me went in search of Utah’s most family-friendly resorts and destinations.

What she found:

1. Conestoga Ranch at Bear Lake: Glamping. MUCH easier than camping with kids. This place has heated tents, comfortable beds, real toilets, showers, and […]

PRWeb | Conestoga Ranch Opens This Week For Glamping Season at Bear Lake, UT

Conestoga Ranch Opens This Week For Glamping Season at Bear Lake, Utah

MAY 16, 2017

Northern Utah’s premiere, luxury glamping destination, Conestoga Ranch will be open for the season on May 19 to Sept. 30, its third summer in operation along the stunning, turquoise-colored waters of the expansive Bear Lake. In addition to enjoying the unique wagon and Grand Tent accommodations, guests can expect hotel-style services and amenities coupled with outdoor diversions to make their glamping getaways convenient and fun for all. Conestoga Ranch is two and a half hours from Salt Lake City. Its location halfway between Jackson […]

Travel Pulse

Deal Alert: Utah’s Conestoga Ranch offers $140 Rates for Opening Weekend

APRIL 25, 2017

Experience the magic of luxury glamping at Utah’s turquoise Bear Lake at Conestoga Ranch for opening weekend.

DEAL: On opening weekend, visitors can stay for $140 per person, $85 for children, and save 15 percent if reservations are made by May 1.

START DATE: Available now for opening weekend, May 19-21.

END DATE: 15 percent savings ends May 1, 2017

DETAILS: Use the code early17pp for online bookings or when making a phone reservation. Other dates between May 19 and June 15 are available.



CR July 4 2016



Family-Friendly Activities, Barbecue and Entertainment Will Be Offered

GARDEN CITY, UTAH – In 2015, Northern Utah’s premiere glamping destination, Conestoga Ranch, opened the doors to its luxury tents, covered wagons and Campfire Grill Restaurant to rave reviews during July 4th As a result, the holiday is now extra special for the ranch, so a celebratory weekend has been programmed to honor our nation’s founding while also celebrating the glamping destination’s first anniversary. There is much to celebrate during this second season as Conestoga Ranch has […]

Utah’s Campfire Grill Restaurant Welcomes New Chef And Updated Menus For The Summer 2016 Season

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 9.19.14 AM

Utah’s Campfire Grill Restaurant Welcomes New Chef And Updated Menus For The Summer 2016 Season

The Campfire Grill Restaurant, located at Conestoga Ranch, is set to open for the summer season on May 13 with a new chef and new menu creations for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Chef Vincent Liberato, who joins Bear Lake’s glamping destination after having been a chef at several fine hotels and restaurants in Pennsylvania, has crafted a menu that focuses on traditionally influenced American cuisine using fresh and local ingredients. He also plans […]

Conestoga Ranch adds Beautiful Amenities for Weddings, Meetings and Private Functions

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.49.30 AM

Conestoga Ranch adds Beautiful Amenities for Weddings, Meetings and Private Functions

Conestoga Ranch, a high-end glamping resort in Northern Utah is poised to become Bear Lake’s premiere destination for weddings, corporate retreats and a variety of other private events…

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2016 Season Announcements


2016 Season Announcements

Utah’s premier glamping resort, Conestoga Ranch, announces new offerings for the 2016 season…

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Bear Lake, Utah’s Dining Offerings Expand


Bear Lake, Utah’s Dining Offerings Expand With Opening Of Campfire Grill

New glamping resort, Conestoga Ranch, features locally-sourced, American bristo fare in rustic setting…

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Conestoga Ranch celebrates Indian Summer at Utah’s Bear Lake


Celebrate Indian Summer at Bear Lake With Culinary Seminars & Fitness Weekend

Conestoga Ranch, a new glamping resort in Northern Utah, is enticing guests to enjoy Indian summer with two activity-packed weekends that take full advantage of the resort’s amenities and…

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High-end Glamping Resort


To Open At Utah’s Bear Lake This Summer

Conestoga Ranch Offers Unique and Comfortable Accommodations Coupled with Upscale, Resort-Style Amenities…

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New Glamping Resort Hosts Live Music and Rodeo


New Glamping Resort Hosts Live Music and Rodeo at Utah’s Bear Lake

Conestoga Ranch, a new glamping resort overlooking Bear Lake’s turquoise-­‐ colored waters, presents a line up of high caliber performers to entertain guests, visitors and…

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