Caves and Fossils

Surrounding Bear Lake are beautiful mountain ranges and geological wonders. These rolling hills and towering mountains offer plenty of activities to enjoy including several caving adventures and plentiful fossilized history to uncover. Everyone in the family can enjoy the adventure and experience the thousands of years of geological history that Bear Lake has to offer.

Minnetonka Cave

Minnetonka Cave is located 13 miles northwest of Bear Lake in St. Charles Canyon. This cave offers a half-mile hike filled with gorgeous stalactites, stalagmites, and banded travertine in nine rooms. During their peak season, spanning mid-June through Labor Day, over 20,000 people visit the cave and take a guided tour. Escape the heat and remember to bring a jacket because the cave stays at 40 degrees year round! Minnetonka Cave opens near Memorial weekend and is open to the public 7 days a week from 10am-530pm. Reservations can be made for groups of 15 or more people.

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Paris Ice Cave

Paris Ice Cave, located 28 miles from Conestoga Ranch in Paris Canyon, gets its name because here the ice never melts, even in the hottest summers. The best time to visit this cave is late summer or early fall when the water in the cave is nearly dry. This cave is less trafficked and a free family fun activity! Paris Ice Cave is about 9.6 miles from the mouth of Paris Canyon on a well-graded dirt road that is easily passable with almost any vehicle during the dry season. Not too far from the cave is a parking lot for your vehicle and just ahead awaits fun for the whole family to enjoy!

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Fish Dig Quarry

“The only Quarry where you keep every fossil you find!” Dig season at Fish Dig Quarry runs May 26th-September 30th. Fish Dig Quarry, located east of Bear Lake, is home to some extremely exciting fossil finds including stingray, crocodiles, and even ancient rhinos! They offer a variety of packages to meet any budget and can accommodate large groups, just call to reserve your spot.

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View outside cave
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Conestoga Ranch is located in prime hiking territory. Our resort is located at beautiful Bear Lake, which is cradled by rolling hills that give way to soaring mountains. These surrounding mountains offer hundreds of trails of varying difficulties. Everyone from families with young adventurers to seasoned trail veterans can find a trail to enjoy. The local hikes offer beautiful views, abundant wildflowers, and mild temperatures. This pairing of hiking and water play makes for a perfect summer day in the Bear Lake Valley. Temps in the valley hover in the seventies and eighties during the warmest months of the year and a swim in the lake awaits at the end of a high-activity day.

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General Hiking Information

Tips to be prepared

1. Bring Ample Water
2. Bring Snacks
3. Check and Dress for the Weather
4. Bring a Camera
5. Wear Proper Shoes
6. Use Sunscreen
7. Let Someone Know Where You Will Be
8. Pace Yourself
9. Leave No Trace
10. Stay on the Trail
11. Have Fun!

Logan Canyon Hikes

Trail Information

Limber Pine Trail (Easy hike, 1.5 miles, Features: Lake views and a 600 year old pine tree)

Sink Hollow Trail (Moderate hike , 9 miles, Features: Meadows full of wildflowers and a lake “the sink”)

Mt. Naomi Peak (Moderate hike, 6.2 miles, Features: Wildflowers and views of Cache Valley at the peak)

Wind Caves Trail (Moderate hike, 3.5 miles, 40 minutes from Conestoga Ranch)

Our Favorite Trails

Try Out Our Favorites

Bloomington Lake Trail

(Easy, 1.4 miles, A beautiful family friendly hike to one last glacial lakes in the area. The trail is well marked and takes you through wildflowers and the lush forest.)

Wind Caves Trail

(Moderate, 3.5 miles, This trail starts off well-shaded then rises above the trees to reveal inspiring canyon views. The hike ends at a large limestone arch/cave formation.)

Horseback Riding

Bear Lake is a popular summer playground home to some of the most beautiful vistas in Utah making it ideal for all kinds of recreational activities. Miles of scenic trails make the perfect location for horseback riding. Anyone ages 7 and up can take advantage of guided mountain rides offered by Beaver Creek Lodge through the natural beauty Bear Lake mountains have to offer.

Beaver Creek Lodge, located about 15 minutes from Conestoga Ranch, offers small and large group rides varying in length from one hour to three hours. Explore some of our favorite specialty rides including White Pine Canyon, Bunch Grass, Horse Lake, Great Western Trail, Bear Lake Overlook, and Steam Mill Canyon. All of the rides are suitable for riders of any levels.

Visit Beaver Creek Lodge or call 435-753-1076 for more horseback riding information.


Lake Activities

Bear Lake measures 18.3 miles long and 7.1 miles wide and covers approximately 109 square miles. With an average depth of 94 feet and a max depth of 208 feet, Bear Lake’s expansive clear, turquoise water and Utah’s long summer days and dry air are ideal for all kinds of recreation – boating, fishing, kayaking, waterskiing, wake boarding and stand up paddle boarding are just some of the favorite past times.

Water Sports

Bear Lake’s vast amount of space is perfect for boating, sailing, and water skiing. The large square footage of the lake will leave you feeling like you have the entire lake to yourself! Boat ramps are located is seven spots around the lake making it a breeze to launch boats, jet skis, and more. Looking for some Bear Lake fun, but don’t have recreation equipment? EPIC Recreation premiere watercraft rentals allows our guests to maximize their fun on both land and water. They offer boats, paddleboards, kayaks, guided lake tours, ATVs, sea-doos, scooters and more.

Visit EPIC Recreation or call (435) 946-EPIC for more information and rental options.


Those looking to take a break from water sports will not be disappointed. Bear Lake offers some tremendous fishing experiences and is home to wonderful trout and whitefish. A Utah or Idaho fishing license is valid for the entire lake and are available online at
The family can enjoy a full day of fishing fun by taking advantage of EPIC Recreation’s guided fishing tours.


Nicknamed the “Caribbean of the Rockies”, Bear Lake offers unforgettable white sand beaches that surround a large amount of the crystal blue water’s edge. With various beaches around the lake, there is plenty of fun in the sun to be had by all.

Located on the south side of Bear Lake, about 20 minutes from Conestoga Ranch, is Rendezvous Beach at Bear Lake State Park. With reservable group sites, pavilions, and a large day use area this is the perfect place for a beach getaway.

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North Beach Bear Lake State Park is located in Idaho on the north side of Bear Lake about 20 minutes from Conestoga Ranch. North Beach is an ideal swimming area with a two-mile-long beach and gradual slopes creating an expansive swimming area. Ramps are available for boaters and water skiers as well.

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