Utah’s best summer staycations for families

When summer hits, many Utah families plan to get far away from home and their busy school-time schedules.

But instead of skipping the state, why not stay in Utah? Staycations are easier on your wallet, and Utah has some of the most beautiful, family-friendly destinations in the nation.

We hit the road and checked out a few local resorts in the most impressive parts of Utah’s backyard. Here are some favorite family-friendly spots:

Conestoga Ranch, Bear Lake

Conestoga Ranch features covered wagons and luxury tents for glampers. (Photo courtesy of Kim Christenson)

This new glamping resort will send you home with a campfire smell, but without the less-desirable parts of camping. The Conestoga wagons and luxury tents are outfitted with heaters, electricity and comfortable, clean beds. For wagon campers, heated bathrooms with showers are just a few steps away, in the lodge. The luxury tents offer bathrooms with toilets and showers, and personal campfires at the front of each tent (staff members will light them for you at your request).

The open-air Campfire Grill restaurant provides a gourmet dining experience. The ranch has a full-sized playground and swing set, lassoing course, games tent and general store. Resort activities include yoga, stargazing and bike riding. Once you experience Conestoga Ranch, it may become your new favorite way to get up-close and personal with nature.

Our favorite nearby family activities: Fresh Bear Lake raspberry shakes at Quick N Tasty, bike rides on Bear Lake’s road bike route, go-kart rides, playing at the lake, hiking on the Wind Cave Trail and exploring the Paris Ice Cave.

Nightly rates start at $115 (for a traditional tent). Click here for more information on Conestoga Ranch.