Conestoga Ranch is located in prime hiking territory. Our resort is located at beautiful Bear Lake, which is cradled by rolling hills that give way to soaring mountains. These surrounding mountains offer hundreds of trails of varying difficulties. Everyone from families with young adventurers to seasoned trail veterans can find a trail to enjoy. The local hikes offer beautiful views, abundant wildflowers, and mild temperatures. This pairing of hiking and water play makes for a perfect summer day in the Bear Lake Valley. Temps in the valley hover in the seventies and eighties during the warmest months of the year and a swim in the lake awaits at the end of a high-activity day.

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General Hiking Information

Tips to be prepared

1. Bring Ample Water
2. Bring Snacks
3. Check and Dress for the Weather
4. Bring a Camera
5. Wear Proper Shoes
6. Use Sunscreen
7. Let Someone Know Where You Will Be
8. Pace Yourself
9. Leave No Trace
10. Stay on the Trail
11. Have Fun!

Logan Canyon Hikes

Trail Information

Limber Pine Trail (Easy hike, 1.5 miles, Features: Lake views and a 600 year old pine tree)

Sink Hollow Trail (Moderate hike , 9 miles, Features: Meadows full of wildflowers and a lake “the sink”)

Mt. Naomi Peak (Moderate hike, 6.2 miles, Features: Wildflowers and views of Cache Valley at the peak)

Wind Caves Trail (Moderate hike, 3.5 miles, 40 minutes from Conestoga Ranch)

Our Favorite Trails

Try Out Our Favorites

Bloomington Lake Trail

(Easy, 1.4 miles, A beautiful family friendly hike to one last glacial lakes in the area. The trail is well marked and takes you through wildflowers and the lush forest.)

Wind Caves Trail

(Moderate, 3.5 miles, This trail starts off well-shaded then rises above the trees to reveal inspiring canyon views. The hike ends at a large limestone arch/cave formation.)