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Salt Lake Magazine, 9/4/2015

Conestoga Ranch's September Weekend Specials With the heat of summer still raging, Conestoga Ranch, a new glamping resort in Northern Utah, is offering guests a chance to cool off by Bear Lake's turquoise waters with 2 weekend retreats... Read More»


Your Summer Bucket List Been there, done that? We found more things you can humblebrag about. Stay in a Covered Wagon Near the Wyoming border, A Conestoga awaits Glamping meets pioneer chic at Conestoga Ranch, a new family getaway set on 18 acres in Garden City, Utah... Read More»

Standard Examiner, 7/13/2015

Glamping finds its niche in northern Utah GARDEN CITY — Glamping resorts keep popping up around the nation, and Bear Lake is home to Utah’s latest ritzy resort found en plein air... Read More»

The Morning Mix, 8/28/2015

Bear Lake Festivities Concluding the hour, John and Peggy spoke with Julie Paine, Joie Astudillo and Hillary Reiter about festivities at Bear Lake for the next couple of weekends… Read More»

The New York Times, 9/3/2015

Food and Tour News: California Grape Stomp, Caribbean Coral Dives Utah’s Conestoga Ranch, a new glamping resort featuring Old West-style accommodations in wagons and tents, is offering a “Camping Culinary Adventure” on the second weekend of... Read More»

The Salt Lake Tribune, 8/1/2015

Comfort is key for new "glamping" resort at Bear Lake Tom Hendrick has come to enjoy delivering customers to their lodging at Conestoga Ranch. "It's just great when you drive people up to their accommodations," says the part-owner of Bear... Read More»

The Spectrum, 7/24/2015

Many ways to enjoy Bear Lake What’s better than camping out? Camping out and still being able to take a nice hot shower with all the aromatic amenities of a spa. The concept of “glamping” recently arrived in Bear... Read More»

The Utah Review, 8/10/2015

Glamping and gourmet at Conestoga Ranch's Campfire Grill Garden City, UT, the gateway town to Bear Lake’s emerald blue water spanning the Idaho/Utah border is known for its world-famous raspberry shakes and… Read More»

Utah Business Magazine

Conestoga Ranch makes camping in Bear Lake Glamorous What can you do if you love the great outdoors but you’re not a camping enthusiast? Do you like all the beautiful vistas Utah has to offer—but not so much the experience of packing and pitching a tent, cooking... Read More»

City Weekly, 9/9/2015

Luxury digs & dining at Conestoga Ranch's Campfire Grill I was recently introduced to glamping at Utah's Conestoga Ranch, just a short jaunt from Bear Lake. If you're not hip to the term—I wasn't—"glamping" is glamour camping... Read More»